Goal Scaling Solutions improves outcomes with intrinsic motivators, with:

  • Scaled goals using Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS) method to envision a full range of outcomes
  • Goals updated anywhere anytime in a HIPAA/FERPA protected web-based and smart-phone app
  • Communication between participants to support incremental change
  • Goal tags for reporting of similar goals

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Flexible Licensing Available:

  • Goal libraries written specific to your industry
  • Options to select from goal library for each participant, pre-set scaled goals for your organization or,write and scale individualized goals
  • Customized set-up and top-tier training for your staff
  • Per Participant / Per Month + Set up licensing option
Ann Chapleau & Jennifer Harrison

Platform Features:

  • Use our solution on the web or through apps in IOS or Android with HIPAA and FERPA privacy protections
  • Create custom goal scales or utilize our goal scale library
  • Participants self-report progress on successes and obstacles
  • Providers can reply in the platform to coach, motivate, and increase engagement
  • Updates: anytime, anywhere

Do you have difficulty meeting goals?

Do you need to measure outcomes for diverse groups?

Are you tired of only measuring mere success or failure?

Goal Scaling Solutions provides a platform, tools, app, and engagement with a professional success coach to help you reach your individualized goals.

Our Team

Dr. Ann Chapleau, President

I came to WMU in 2008, after completing my post-professional doctorate in occupational therapy from the University of Indianapolis. I have worked in the behavioral health field for over 30 years and have been awarded over $3 million in federal funding for my research supporting interprofessional behavioral health education and training. I am President of Goal Scaling Solutions, Inc. a women-owned technology start-up business, developing digital tools for outcome measurement. My work has been recognized at the University, State, and National level, receiving the Michigan Occupational Therapy Association’s Award of Excellence, the WMU CHHS Interprofessional Collaboration Award, the WMU Presidential Innovation Professorship, and have been inducted into the American Occupational Therapy Association’s Roster of Fellows.

Dr. Jennifer Harrison, Co-Founder

Jennifer Harrison, PhD, LMSW, CAADC is a social worker, chemical addictions counselor, and professor and director for the School of Social Work at Western Michigan University. I have researched the implementation of outcome measurement in clinical and educational practice for many years, and with colleague Dr. Ann Chapleau. We have co-developed a secure digital application using Goal Attainment Scaling called Goal Scaling Solutions, Inc. We have received over $5 MM in foundation, state, and federal grants which have implemented Goal Scaling Solutions as an outcome measure and knowledge translation tool in workforce development and clinical practice.

My clinical work focuses on individuals with co-occurring needs. My research interests and publication record include social justice, co-occurring disorders, workforce development, and peer services in behavioral health. My teaching focuses on field education, direct social work practice, and study abroad course development and partnerships in Guatemala, India, and Mexico. I am a lead reviewer for the Michigan Fidelity Assessment and Support Team (MiFAST), providing reviews, consultations, and trainings for organizations implementing evidence-based practices throughout the state and nation.

Goal Scaling Solutions
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